Health Benefits of Mango

Mangifera indica is commonly called Mango or in some local areas it’s sometimes called Mangga

Mangos are usually cultivated in subtropical or tropical areas. 

Every part of the mango including its leaves, skin, bark of its tree, pit and even the fruit itself has been used a health remedy throughout the years. It has been long used as a traditional forms of medicine due to its healing properties and many health benefits.

Mangos are great source of carbohydrates, nutrient-rich and has lots of diversified high amount of vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, thiamine, and folate. Mango is also abundant in minerals, top of it is the calcium then followed by manganese and magnesium, there are traces of zinc and sodium too. It is rich in carotenoids and phenolic and has some powerful properties such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects in the body. 

Mango has a wide variety and each of them vary also in skin color from green to red or yellow to orange or all shades in between but the inner flesh is typically a golden yellow pulp. 

Mangos can be very sweet but others are very sour depends on its varieties and some often described its flavor similar to pineapple, peach and strawberries.  

Despite its fantastic taste and flavor, mango has a positive effect and guaranteed to help you eliminate various health conditions. 

Below are some health benefits of Mangos: 

  • Reduced Cancer Risk – mangos contain a high amount of antioxidants and its contributor is beta-carotene that helps reduce the risk of having cancer and reducing the inflammation in the body. Keeping mangos in your diet will surely protect you against this disease. Mangos are suggested to be a natural cancer treatment protocol in early stages.
  • Reduced Heart Problem – mangos contain a folate an essential nutrient that support a healthy cardiovascular function. It also has vitamins, pectin and fibers that helps lower the levels of cholesterol as well as controlling the heart rate and blood pressure optimizing a heart health to protect against heart diseases.
  • Boosts Immunity – mangos contain antioxidant, a high amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and 25 different kind of carotenoids that will help you improve a healthy immune system by strengthening it to protect and combat against diseases.
  • Prevents Digestive Problem – fiber is one of the main component to have a healthy digestive system and mangos are rich in that department. Right consumption of mango can help you improve the inflammation in your digestive tract as well as treating chronic constipation.
  • Enhance Iron Absorption – mangos are high in Vitamin C that helps fast absorption of non-heme iron as it also helps your body to fight against iron deficiency.
  • Protect Against Asthma – mangos are full of high amount of beta-carotene and Vitamin A that acts as an asthma natural remedy.
  • Treats Kidney Stones – mangos contain Vitamin B6 that helps reduce the urinary oxalate and the potassium present in mangos also helps to lower the risk of kidney stones. 
  • Improves Bone Health – mangos are excellent source of bone-building Vitamin K which is an important nutrient to improve bone metabolism and helps maintain adequate amounts of calcium in the bone tissue.
  • Improves Brain Health – mangos are abundant in Vitamin B6 that is vital in helping you maintaining brain function and improving the activities of the brain. Daily intake of mango can assure you a healthier brain and effective nerve functioning.
  • Improves Eye Health – a yellow-orange mango packs a high beta-carotene, Vitamin A and carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin (works to filtered out harmful blue light rays) that can help you provide a crucial component of healthy eyes needed to maintain a sharp eyesight. It also helps in preventing loss of vision from macular degeneration. 
  • Healthy Metabolism – the mangiferin found in mangos helps you to improve metabolic abnormalities and soothe metabolic disorders and can speeds up your metabolism due to its high content of vitamins. The bioactive ingredients present in mangos improve the function of digestive system.
  • Regulates Blood Pressure – mangos contain a high content of magnesium and potassium that are absolutely vital in regulating blood pressure. High blood pressure is often called a ‘silent killer’ for it attack silently by striking an intense pain in the heart yet many people are unaware they has it.
  • Lower Blood Sugar Levels – mangos are pack in rich fiber and powerful antioxidants that can help promote normal blood sugar levels as fiber passes through gastrointestinal tract undigested slowing the absorption of sugar in the process.
  • Helps Weight Loss – one cup of mango contains a 2.6 grams of fiber that can help you stay feel full longer. It is a great substitute for junk food or unhealthy fast food cravings. 
  • Improves Skin – mangos are high in Vitamin C which plays a big role in skin health and is said to have a miraculous effect on skin whether it is taken through ingestion or direct application due to its richness in nutrients. Mango does improve your skin inside out.
  • Improves Sexual Life – mangos contain Vitamin E that helps you regulate your sex hormones and even boosts your sex drive.
  • Slow Down Aging – mangos has its beneficial content of jam-packed anti-aging nutrients that helps to slow down the signs of aging thus preserving a youthful look. Vitamin A helps promote tissue repair and is often used to treat wrinkles and skin aging. The Vitamin C act as an antioxidant that protects against oxidative damage and boost the production of collagen.

As researchers keep digging and experimenting, there would be an endless list of benefits.

Mangos are truly beneficial in your body as it helps absorb high efficient nutrients and fight against various diseases thus improving your health. One mango a day can save you, bet it.

After all, it wouldn’t be referred to as the “King of Fruits” if it isn’t that high in nutritional value.

So, the next time you go for grocery, do include mango in your list for sweet-humming-healthier living.

But, before incorporating mangos in your diet, make sure to consult your doctor if you have any allergies in this certain fruit. 


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